Blog Post on Sleep and Behavior

In this guest post on the Autism Speaks website, I had an opportunity to share the results of our recent study on sleep problems and behavior in children with ASD.  The link to the blog is below:

Research on Sensory, Anxiety, and GI Problems in ASD Recently Featured

The results of our series of studies on sensory problems, anxiety, and gastrointestinal pain in children with ASD were discussed in a recent article on the experience of pain among individuals with ASD.  The article was recently published on the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative website:

Media Coverage of Video Game Research

The results of our research on video game effects among adults with ASD have been covered by several news outlets, including:

The results were also featured on the Association for Psychological Science webpage:

Chris Engelhardt also discussed our findings in a recent Autism Speaks Blog Post:

New Blog Post on Hoarding in ASD

I recently had an opportunity to address a question on the Autism Speaks Blog about hoarding among individuals with autism spectrum disorders:


Marketplace Interview

In this interview with Ben Johnson from Marketplace, I had a chance to discuss some of our research on video games and children with autism, as well as potential new avenues for research in this area.  The interview aired on Marketplace Tech and Marketplace Morning Report, and the link is below:

New Blog Post on Dyslexia and Autism

In this guest post on the Autism Speaks website, I had an opportunity to discuss the topic of dyslexia.  The link to the blog is below:

New Paper on Sleep and Media Use Published in Pediatrics

We recently published a paper in the journal Pediatrics describing the relationship between screen-based media use and sleep in boys with ASD, ADHD or typical development.

The article can be found on the journal website:

The paper has also been featured on the Autism Speaks website, and in several media outlets.

New NIH Grant Award

Our team recently received funding to continue our development of the Autism Impact Measure (AIM).  This large multi-site project, funded by the National Institutes of Mental Health, will allow us to examine the AIM’s ability to accurately assess short-term improvements across different kinds of treatments for children with ASD.  We are very excited about the opportunity to continue our work in this area, and hope that the results will help improve care and outcomes for children with ASD.


More information about the project can be found in the Research News section of the School of Health Professions  website:

Pediatrics Paper Featured on CBS News

Our recent study (published in the journal Pediatrics) examining video game use in boys with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, or typical development was recently covered by over 150 national media outlets, including CBS news.

New Autism Speaks Blog

In this guest post on the Autism Speaks website, I had an opportunity to share the results of our ongoing work in developing a new tool for measuring outcomes of treatment for children with autism.  The link to the blog is below: