Research Interests

The primary goal of my program of research is to understand and improve outcomes for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and their families.   Currently, my research focuses on two broad lines of inquiry: 1) emotional and behavioral functioning in individuals with ASD, and 2) understanding and measuring treatment outcomes in individuals with ASD.

Children and adults with ASD often experience co-occurring emotional and behavioral difficulties, which can negatively affect their overall quality of life.  My research in this area focuses on understanding the nature, mechanisms, and outcomes of co-occurring symptoms, including anxiety, sensory problems, aggression, and loneliness.  I am also interested in the potentially positive and negative effects of screen-based media use in children and adults with ASD.  Our lab is exploring these questions using both cross-sectional and experimental methods.  The results of these studies will guide the development of new interventions for individuals with ASD.

Understanding and measuring treatment outcomes in individuals with ASD is another primary focus of my research.  This has included the development of new tools for treatment outcome assessment, as well as new models for intervention.  Ultimately, I hope that these new tools and approaches will help improve outcomes for children with ASD and their families.

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